16 October 2014

Lately thoughts.

Something pops out my mind suddenly. Oh ya I whisper to myself I've blog since form 3. Maybe I can write how I feels right now at here since there is no one I can rely on now.

Before that, I would like to thanks to you, yes you who are reading my blog right now. Hahaha I bet maybe at least there's someone who read my blog right? Talking about how I feels now, I couldn't explain how to but it's sort of feeling like i can giving up everything just for the sake of some rubbish things/peoples. Urghhhh everything is sucks. 

I can't stand human around me anymore. I don't know who to trust and I don't know who to listen to as everyone whisper with me different things everyday. At least I have someone, someone who i can really trust on and rely on. Yeah, it's myself