08 June 2013

Once in a lifetime

Something hits on me suddenly, log in to blogger and decided to recall all my memories here. Yes, people so-called scary shit and torturing camp ever in Malaysia. Suffer for 3 months and I'm one of them too. Teachers bet on us that we all 100% miss camp and they are true cause it happens on me, lol. Thanks to government placing me on this such amazing and the best camp ever, Ayer Keroh, Melaka. The first day when dad send me to Putrajaya, the heavy feeling and couldn't believe all these is happening on me and it changed after 3 weeks in camp. & in the camp also I started to have Malay friends, there are some very good and caring especially my roommates, they are all like my family.

Thanks to the one who always be there with me, washing clothes, bath, brushing teeth everyday.
Thanks to the one who always bought me dutch lady, wrote letter to me, accompany me talk about my problems.
Thanks to one who always standing beside the way to dorm every night just to wish me a goodnight.
Lastly, thanks to the one who secretly bought me food, I wonder who is the mysterious people.

 Even if I got a chance to join, I wouldn't because all I want is be with Siri 1 Kump 1 2013's pelatih only, they created happiness. MEMORIES.....