16 September 2011

BBQ Partyyy

Taken by Sony Nex-3
I know I still owe one post about BBQ night party! And I just get all the photos from my lovely Coco Bong babe :D Having this time BBQ party is to celebrate Moon Cake Festival. That is why you can see around all of us are candle light. So romantic huh? I don't wanna wrote too much on this post. Let pictures talking to us now ;-D
I look so fat :-(
I really can't live without my girls!! I love them much much
What I am trying to say in this picture is you can see Echin Chye just like back from smoking. Spot her hand and she look like holding it.
Oh my, I look so sweaty that night, my fringe look so sticky. And I was worrying my long hair burn. LOL!!! I think I've nothing to write already. I guess this time BBQ party not really stay on my side. Not enough time to play and eat with them. Should organize it again one day.

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you won't fall in love to the second -