29 December 2011

Last post of 2011

This gonna be the last post of year 2011. I can't believe that 2011 is gonna end. Please slap me!!!! I look back how's my 2011 life gone thru. Really appreciated that this year is really much better than 2010. I can feel the changes on myself.(what i'm trying to said that i'm getting matured.lmaoo)

January 2011
AHHHH!!This is the month that my form 4 life start, and every year in the beginning i will said 'this is a new year, i must study hard' but at last....

February 2011
The first thing that came into my mind when it reach February is his birthday.(you know i know.hehe)My both lovely parents's birthday is on this month too!! I started to love my school life this month cause I success transfer class with my three little girl and also my classmates. And this month is where I start to do something bad for the 2nd time with Echin & Jerin. Remember? I hope you two still remember. HAHAHAH.

March 2011
The 1st term exam start, I remember that I'm so satisfied with my result cause I get 2 A- . But it is getting worst after that cause it is getting harder. March were also the month when people start crazy about Big Bang and I'm one of them. HAHAHA.

April 2011
I don't remember much about this month, maybe it's because 1st term exam is over. So I'm so free until my class 4 Theta started to play chor dai di.(i'm addicted to that poker card game but it's okay as long as we won't take money and gamble)

May 2011
Life goes normally, nothing happen much on this month. Perhaps?

June 2011
2nd term exam is happening on this month, it's already half year of 2011. So my mind still thinking PLAY PLAY PLAY since this year is honeymoon. And..one little thing that I would not forget this month me and my babes join drawing poster competition & we won 2nd!! This is where 'Big Bang' slogan started by us. A little while we met, BIG BANG is the word when we said HELLO to each other :D

July 2011
I miss being at this day!! I remember this photo is on July because it was someone's birthday. This pose represent : Big Bang. HAHAHAH. Why I was so noob, only my hand failed in doing that thing. T__T

August 2011
It is August!!! It's Echin & my month and we turn to 16 years old girl. YAYYYYYY. I don't feel like celebrate my birthday this month, and I never thought that I still got the chance to blow candle. HEHEHE. I knew someone here too. This someone make me feel like I'm the most stupid girl in the world until I lost someone I love for years. Thanks bitch!

September 2011
Busy-ing preparing for the last final exam!!

October 2011
After whole month torture by exam. I finally finish my exam and my form 4 life ended at this month too. I will never forget that this month is the month that I've to break up with him. I'm single after 3 years with him. Some people don't even know how to shut up their mouth and busy about talking me and his problem. Life started to changed here......

November 2011
It's like finally November, and my single life is good. Sometimes I even forget myself is single now. One month without him, I admit I miss him. ;)

December 2011
Wow. Back to December. 2011 pass very fast just like how fast I wrote my blog here. I went to camp with my churches & I learn something new too. Maybe this part doesn't like me, but I really thank God for my 2011 life. I even smiling writing this post right now. I'm really thankful for following Jesus's way since I was small. 2012, I believe God will have another good plan for me. This is how my 2011 gone through, what about yours?

Thanks for the people who make me growing matured this year. I learn alot.

07 November 2011

Lost world of Tambun!

Was actually went to Gua Tempurung yesterday morning. But Malay are having their Hari Raya Haji. Guess there's no one who will guide us to Gua Tempurung. Miss the chance ;-( Without planning, we went to Lost World of Tambun Ipoh. Boring place & kids playing. Little bit photo I took with Lumix DMC-TS1. Waterproof camera but mummy already warned me not to let the camera swim inside the water for safety. Orange color camera. LMAO :-/
I called this number 8. and this remind me the scary slide -.-
One word : I'm not going here anymore. So boring & so no fun ;-/ Don't get wrong. I don't wear white shirt play water. The self shot photo is after I done playing ;-)
Cross? This must be Christian ;-)
Retarded look. Forgive me. Thats all for this posts. Less photo and talk crap.

23 October 2011

Happy Birthday Nicole!

Delay this post almost 1 week! I am so sorry guys! I just get some of the photos from them. Can't believe time past so fast. Nicole birthday already past by one wink of eyes. Celebrate her sweet 16 birthday at IOI RED BOX after we finish our exam. I don't have anything to write much. Perhaps, you can just look some photos of the day! Suppose to upload 'hundred' photos here, but I choose some only!
Jerin & Cece. The 1st time I met babe Cece. We both are so excited and happy ;)
ZhenYe Salvatore. The one I always argue with. LOL.
Lastly, the birthday Girl ;)

16 September 2011

BBQ Partyyy

Taken by Sony Nex-3
I know I still owe one post about BBQ night party! And I just get all the photos from my lovely Coco Bong babe :D Having this time BBQ party is to celebrate Moon Cake Festival. That is why you can see around all of us are candle light. So romantic huh? I don't wanna wrote too much on this post. Let pictures talking to us now ;-D
I look so fat :-(
I really can't live without my girls!! I love them much much
What I am trying to say in this picture is you can see Echin Chye just like back from smoking. Spot her hand and she look like holding it.
Oh my, I look so sweaty that night, my fringe look so sticky. And I was worrying my long hair burn. LOL!!! I think I've nothing to write already. I guess this time BBQ party not really stay on my side. Not enough time to play and eat with them. Should organize it again one day.

- If you love two people, choose the second one, cause if you truly love someone,
you won't fall in love to the second -

03 July 2011

Sunway Amp Square!

Yesterday was a very tiring day for me but I am so enjoy with them. We sing we get high together. My singing is nice to hear? Haha. Thanks for those who praise me. I am flying like a G6 now. LOL. I can say that my 1st time sing K with them ;/ They were kinda shock I came yesterday, because I am FFK Queen ;-D Photo spam now.

He is lucky , isn't it ?
The girls :)
Leo Girl Echin ♥
My baby Jerin ♥ 10 times shorter beside her. Sigh

Picture are still many but not on my hand, I will upload on other post, thats why I really need to save money to buy a new own camera .

- It is hurt to see someone you love, happy without you

24 April 2011

because you're sasa ♥

Hello Sasa's blog fan ('
Echin is update on my babe's blog .
It's the first time that I update on my babe's blog
We want to change blog to update long time ady
But hereafter still have a lot of opportunity ('

Lets enter the topic
Because you're Sasa ?
Yes! I love you because you're Sasa ('
She like to cry.sometime need to see her cry
and people will feel like we bully her x)
She is an angel when she smile and generous
But she is also a monster when she is angry
Her angry face is like a monster
So choose to be an angel ('
We're Leo lady . "D
Hmmm,every school day need to see you
so boring ehhh "D
remember we first time P together?
I think you won't forget "D
See You Tomorrow ('

- The Friendship Between Us Is Long -
-By EchinChye