02 November 2014

Frightening life.

2.11.2014 04:47 AM

Lately I've been trying hard to cope with all the stress. I'm not sure who can really listen to me when I told them " I'm stress " I've been telling almost 5 person but no one listen and understand. But that's doesn't mean I'm tryin to blame cuz human don't understand their own too. But just for one person, I wish she/he could appear right now & listen to my words, wiping my tears, give me a hug and lend me a shoulder. Being awake at 4 AM and no one to talk with is really hard. Scrolling down all the contact list, not sure whether that right person appeared or not yet.
Imagine waking up at late night and you're whole body are shaking becuz you're just too scare and tryin to be strong. All you can do is hiding under the blanket and your tears accompany you. 
At the same time, i'm wondering who is the person who read this blog right now after I drop my blog link at not so obvious place. I mean I appreciate you visits here even I may not know who is visiting