11 March 2012

I am back & Sook Yan's

 Back to the topic. I know I had already gone since 3 months ago. HAHAHA. My blog is dead. Seriously. And I can say that this is the 2012 1st post!! People thought I busy with study. What a joke. I don't even start a book yet. I thought my blog readers will gonna decrease too. What surprise me the most is, I saw my blog traffic feed ''30 mins ago'' or even ''1day ago''. Wow. There are still people who pay attention on my blog . Let's photo do the talk on last Friday!
Hair done by Jerin Sia. Lol. Half curl. I look more matured!! HAHAHA.

Spot me!! I'm in the middle. HAHA. Happy Birthday Beloved Sook Yan!! ♥ 

I'll change one day. Wait me.