24 April 2011

because you're sasa ♥

Hello Sasa's blog fan ('
Echin is update on my babe's blog .
It's the first time that I update on my babe's blog
We want to change blog to update long time ady
But hereafter still have a lot of opportunity ('

Lets enter the topic
Because you're Sasa ?
Yes! I love you because you're Sasa ('
She like to cry.sometime need to see her cry
and people will feel like we bully her x)
She is an angel when she smile and generous
But she is also a monster when she is angry
Her angry face is like a monster
So choose to be an angel ('
We're Leo lady . "D
Hmmm,every school day need to see you
so boring ehhh "D
remember we first time P together?
I think you won't forget "D
See You Tomorrow ('

- The Friendship Between Us Is Long -
-By EchinChye